Hario V60

What You Need

  • Burr grinder
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Hario V60 dripper and corresponding filters
  • Kettle
  • Filtered water
  • Mug/server
  • Coffee

Basic Parameters

  • 21g Coffee
  • Moderately fine grind
  • 315g Water
  • 2:30 Total brew time

Method Highlights

A bright cup that brings out the high notes in any given roast. Usually lighter bodied with good balance.

How to Brew

Step 1
Fold filter along sealed edge and place in dripper. Place dripper on mug/server of choice. Rinse filter well, also helping to smooth/stick filter to sides of dripper. Discard rinse water.

Step 2
Weigh out and grind 21 grams of the coffee of your choice to a moderately fine consistency (somewhere coarser than Aeropress, but more fine than a Chemex or Kalita Wave).

Step 3
Add coffee grounds to the V60 and shake gently to level. Place dripper on server, and place both on a scale. Tare the scale.

Step 4
Making sure the water in your kettle is roughly 205 degrees, start your timer and slowly pour 40 grams of water onto the bed of grounds, starting in the center, ensuring that all grounds are wet in an even manner. Allow grounds to bloom anywhere between 30-45 seconds.

Step 5
Slowly and gently pour water in concentric circles, starting in the middle and working your way toward the edge of the dripper, taking care to not pour closer than roughly 1/4 inch from the dripper edge. Do this until your scale reads 150 grams.

General Note: A successful V60 is all about pouring gently and evenly, so as not to over agitate the grounds and cause channeling, which will almost certainly lead to an under-extracted cup)

Step 6
Slowly and evenly pour water into the dripper in roughly 75 gram increments, allowing roughly 10 seconds between pours, and never allowing the water to completely pass through the grounds thus exposing them to air. Do this until you have reached 315 grams of total brew volume.

Step 7
Remove V60 from mug/server, swirl to ensure even incorporation, and enjoy!